Butter Prawns - A real delicacy

Butter Prawns

I love seafood and this is one of my favourite ! Butter Prawns, Yummy!

This recipe is actually quite good in a sense that if you ever ordered this dish in a 5-Star Chinese restaurant, you would normally get a dish as similar as my Butter Prawns recipe. So enjoy it. For Western countries, it may not be possible to buy "curry leaves". Either leave it out or subsitute another fragrant leaves such as Bay leaves. And you can leave out the Chillies too.


1. Half kilo Large prawns. With shells on.(I prefer Tiger prawns)

2. 120 gms. Butter

3. Chilli padi (7 small ones). Just flatten or crush it.

4. Curry leaves. (20 leaves)

5. 6 egg Yolks.( only the egg yolks, no egg white) Well beaten and whisked until it froths.


Wash and drain the prawns. It must be dry.Melt the butter in a wok. Pour eggyolk into the melted butter under medium heat and keep stirring while the egg yolk is being poured.

Keep on stirring until the yolk froths in the butter. Put in curry leaves and chilli and stir for 1 minute.Next put in the prawns and fried for 10 minutes or until the prawns are cooked.( It will turn pink).

Ready to serve.

Chicken and Chips

Chicken and Chips is widely eaten and inexpensive to cook.

Chicken and chips.

Mentioned fish and chips or Chicken and chips, and most will tell you that they already know how to cook this popular home dish. It is simple and appetizing and yet there are still some who has no idea how to cook it. Western countries know this recipe from inside out but for Asians, it is still a treat to be able to give their kids some " Western food" once in a while.

I normally cook this dish in several different ways, to break the monotony of the simple Chicken and Chips. My variants are Spicy Chicken and Chips, Savoury Chicken and chips, Roasted Chicken and chips, Honey Chicken and chips ad a few more others. You can make up your own such as Ginger Chicken, Cinnamon Chicken, Buttered Chicken, etc.

We will start with a simple Soya Chicken and Chips.


1. 4 chicken thighs

2. Some chips - you can buy ready to cook from supermarkets, its much simpler.

3. 2 tablespoons of light soya sauce.

4. White pepper.

5. Salt.

6. Tomatoes or cucumber for garnishing.


Marinate the chicken thighs with soya sauce, a sprinkle of pepper, a pinch of salt. Leave it to dry out in the fridge for half an hour.

In the meantime, start frying some chips and prepare the tomatoes for garnishing.

In a half full pot of oil, fry the chicken under moderate heat for 15 minutes. Then turn over the chicken and fry for a further 15 minutes. be sure to drip dry the oil. The skin of the chicken will be " crunchy" if you have left it to dry out in the fridge.

Garnish with cucumber or tomatoes or parsley. You can also serve it with your kid's favourite vegetables.

Serves 4 - for 4 chicken thighs.